Return policy

Return Policy

Our main interest is that our customers find their greatest satisfaction when purchasing our products. Fulfilling our duty to keep you informed, we invite you to read these return and/or refund terms.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to exchange your product or request a refund, in accordance with the following conditions.


If you wish to make a return, you will have a period of ten (10) days from receiving the product to make the claim.


  • We will accept the return of products for a refund of the purchase price provided that such return is made within ten (10) days of delivery of your order. The delivery date of the order is determined by the tracking number of the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • The claim must contain valid proof of purchase and the products must be returned in their original packaging and condition. If you are considering making a return request: DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT.
  • The return, credit and/or refund of a product applies only for defects attributable to the manufacture of the product and not to improper handling of the package by the mail.
  • Original shipping and handling costs cannot be claimed.

The following items cannot be returned:

  • Food, drinks or perishable items.
  • Hygiene products and personal use.
  • Products on special orders.
  • Promotional products.
  • Gift Cards.
  • Products with expiration date expired at the time of requesting the return.


Any item you intend to return must be in its original packaging and in its original condition in which it was purchased. If we determine that the item was used, Puerto Rico Shop LLC reserves the right to deny the request to return the item.

  1. All claim requests must have a copy of the purchase receipt, order number, product name, cost and date of purchase.
  2. The date of the return and/or refund claim request must be within the first ten (10) days after receiving your purchase.
  3. Send an email to our customer service with the requested information, a brief description and images of the product and packaging.
  4. Your claim will be handled by one of our customer service associates within a period of no more than 48 hours.